2016 LWCC Married Couples Retreat

Gender, Marriage and the Image of God


Biblical marriage is grounded in creation. God designed mankind, male and female, in His image Him. Jesus affirms that, from the beginning, God designed marriage for a man and woman.

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Session 1:

What Am I?

There was a time when human beings asked the philosophical question, "who am I." Today, people seemed to be confused on a much more basic level, questioning their biological gender and asking, "what am I?" The answer cannot be found by looking within because reality is theocentric (God-centered).

Session 2:

Gender Identity?

The notion of gender identity is a very recent theory that has gained phenomenal traction. It is rebellion against the God who made us to look at our biological gender and deny that reality.

Session 3:

The Current State of Affairs

There is a militant and chaotic crusade to redefine reality and force everyone to acknowledge the new morality of gender and sexual self-definition.

Session 4:

God Creates Gendered Humanity

The creation story provides the blueprint for gender identity and martial relationships as designed by God. Male and female share many common traits because both are made in God's image.

Session 5:

The Particulars of God's Design

Male and female are so designed by God that each might image Him in a way that is unique to their gender. Confusion and rebellion against God's gender designed are results of the Fall.

Session 6:

Honoring God's Gender Design

As Christians, we should be an example to the world with unions that honor the God's design for gender and marriage. We should avoid stereotypes and extremes as striving to be biblical in how we treat our spouses.

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