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†  What Does it Mean to Be Human?: The Search for True Humanity

†  Old Testament Survey Nehemiah - Proverbs

†  I Get No Respect

†  On the Unknown God and Who He Is

†  Dr Stewart Scott Speaking

†  Monday Night Bible Study

Reformed Quote of the Month

Remember the perfections of that God whom you worship, that he is a Spirit, and therefore to be worshipped in spirit and truth; and that he is most great and terrible, and therefore to be worshipped with seriousness and reverence, and not to be dallied with, or served with toys or lifeless lip-service; and that he is most holy, pure, and jealous, and therefore to be purely worshipped; and that he is still present with you, and all things are naked and open to him with whom we have to do. The knowledge of God, and the remembrance of his all-seeing presence, are the most powerful means against hypocrisy

      - Richard Baxter

Excerpts from the Westminster Confession of Faith Shorter Catechism

Q. 98. What is prayer?

A. Prayer is an offering up of our desires unto God, for things agreeable to his will, in the name of Christ, with confession of our sins, and thankful acknowledgment of his mercies.

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June 2011 Edition


What Does it Mean to Be Human?:
The Search for True Humanity

In this three part series "What it Means to Be Human", Pastor Stan McGehee Jr dicusses the problems we as humans face in finding out who we are. We look to the world to define us. However, Pastor Stan McGehee Jr argues that we should look to the Bible for our identity. Click here to read the article of the series.


Old Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey Nehemiah - Proverbs

Steve Bader continued his Old Testament survey during adult Sunday School class and has covered the books of Nehemiah through Proverbs. Read the summary of what he has covered in the last 5 weeks here.


I Get No Repect

I Get No Respect

Jordan McGehee's "food for thought" article this month talks about the role of fathers in how they get little respect these days, especially in the arena of leading their families in their spiritual lives. Read the article here.



On the Unknown God and Who He Is

On Mars Hill Paul showed the Greeks the folly in their ediface of this "Unknown God" and how they could indeed know him. In this article Jason Bader explores the history of the Greeks and their gods and how they tried to acknowledge "Unknown God" to cover all other bases where their gods had failed. Read the article here.


Dr Stewart Scott

Dr Stewart Scott Speaking

On Sunday morning June 26th Dr Stewart Scott will be speaking. He teaches at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with over twenty-five years of experience in counseling and pastoral ministry, including ten years as associate pastor of family ministries and counseling at Grace Community Church in the Los Angeles area with Pastor John MacArthur. Prior to joining the faculty at Southern Seminary/Boyce College, Dr. Scott served on the faculty of The Master’s College and Seminary in the area of biblical counseling. He is a Fellow and member of the board of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC) and a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC). Scott is the author of The Exemplary Husband, From Pride to Humility: A Biblical Perspective, and Conflict Resolution (Focus) and is a contributor to the book, Think Biblically (Crossway).


Choosing my Religion

Monday Night Bible Study

Monday nights at 7 PM we are continuing RC Sproul's "Choosing My Religion" for the Monday Night Bible Study. In a world engulfed with false prophesies and theories, we would be mistaken to think our students are not burdened by them. "In Choosing My Religion", Dr. R.C. Sproul addresses the promises that relativism and rebellion make but cannot keep. Even if you do not have this book or need to order please join us as this will be a mixture of book reading, workbook activities, biblical discussion and fellowship.